Why not self-publish?

I could self-publish my book in short order, yet I’ve set my sights on the hard way—finding an agent who will find a publisher who will take about a year to put it into print. If I were still able to get pregnant, I could probably have two kids in less time. Now that I think about it, birthing a book is akin to having a baby (except in my case, benchmarks are counted in years instead of months.):

  • I’m pregnant! =>> A great book is incubating deep within me!
  • Third month =>> I’ve got this queasy sense I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.
  • Sixth month =>> The pages are growing—my book is undeniably on the way.
  • Eighth month =>> Will I ever get to “The End?”
  • Braxton Hicks contractions =>> Only a little more tightening of the prose to go…
  • Labor contractions =>> I have to cut and edit HOW MUCH?
  • Transition =>> Rejections of my queries to agents hurt like an S.O.B.

Transition is the excruciating phase where my book is now stuck—entering the birth canal. Why not deliver it quickly via self-publishing and end the pain?

The average self-published book sells 100 – 250 copies (depending on which disheartening statistic you choose). Rather than raising a son who spends his entire life in his small hometown, I want my progeny to venture into a wider world. Adding a publisher’s distribution network to my own promotional efforts is the best way to make that happen. My book would also benefit from a publisher’s expertise in formatting, cover design, and more, resulting in a more polished product.

I need to make my book the best it can be,

Brothers Water in Scotland: "a most perfect sheet of water."

Brothers Water in Scotland: “a most perfect sheet of water.”

not only so I’ll be proud of it, but also to do justice to Mr. Baker’s poignant writings which the form its heart. His words deserve to be read by many more than 250 people. The wonders he showed me should be shared with multitudes.

Mr. Baker, you’ve waited 182 years for your words to be published. What’s a couple more?


2 thoughts on “Why not self-publish?

  1. Like the analogy to birthing a baby. Writing/editing/publishing is just as arduous a process!!

    Yes, Mr. Baker has waited a long time. But thank God you came along, Judy, to breathe life into his faded manuscript.

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